Shipping Time:

The time frame of an order delivery is divided into two parts:

  • Processing time: 3-7 Days
  • Shipping time: 4~6 Days

Shipping methods: One Post

Shipping fee: 

If the express delivery is less than 1kg, it shall be calculated as 1kg; if the express delivery is less than 1m3, it shall be calculated as 1m3. When there is a large difference between the volume and the weight, the selling weight shall be charged as follows: Volume weight (kg)= length (CM) × width (CM) × height (CM) / 6000.

1. Delivery time limit: from the time when the goods are delivered out of the warehouse to the time when the receiver signs for receipt, the unit is working days, and weekends and holidays are not included in the delivery time limit.
2.If the transit time delay caused by the user's own reasons cannot be included in the transit time limit, including but not limited to the goods being seized by customs spot check, the user needs to pay customs duties, etc
Volume weight (kg): length (CM) × width (CM) × height (CM) / 6000
3. Settlement weight: the actual weight and volume weight shall be billed and settled by the heavy party
4. General goods and sensitive goods: sensitive goods generally refer to liquid, powder, paste, medicine, food, chemicals, imitated brand, attached battery, pure battery, international brand goods, and others are general goods
5. Fragile products: please contact the online customer service in advance and send them by mail after negotiation. For fragile goods, we will not accept any form of commercial insurance services for the time being. The user shall bear all the consequences caused by the fragile products in private folder.
6.Please contact online customer service in advance for more preferential freight for goods with six single tickets (single box / single package) exceeding 20kg.

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