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As a dynamic and reliable company, we seek out partners who put professionalism as a differentiating virtue and dedication to creating great customer relationships.
We are offering you trustworthy products to grow your business and promise to be user-oriented to innovate and upgrade our products.By providing localized services, we can help you maximize your profits and improve your customer service experience.

You will also enjoy the world-class support of the STARPONY team, which includes strong logistic team support, trained engineers,and a professional sales and customer service team.

Just introduce your company via email and we will get back to you soon.


Competitive Premium Products

Engineers repeatedly test to ensure high quality products meet standards

Quality control has always played an important role at STARPONY. Process control and quality inspection was integrated into every production lines, lab test and field test before product release to make sure the result was uniform high quality in every product.

Inventory & Logistic Support

Strong production supply chain to ensure precise delivery time.

7-60 Days Delivery support——Strong logistics and warehousing department will deliver the goods to each distributor through the local warehouse as fast as possible according to the order.

Multi-channel Personalized Marketing Support

Online and offline multi-channel marketing support, as well as localized marketing.

Provide localization marketing support for you, including designer-made posters and videos for your online and offline channels.Annual branding budget on strategic market to accelerate your business growth.

High Returns On A Small Investment

Minimum quantity order service available,You can place an order according to your needs with a minimum order of one case.Small order quantity to release your financial pressure and expend your business rapidly. 

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Cell/Wechat/WhatsApp:+86 18122120820

Response Time:within 24 hours

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